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Best On the Internet Betting Websites

Best On the Internet Betting Websites

Our unique online poker processor style tool enables you to pick a design, personalize with your written text or pictures, and modify colours and designs within 60 seconds. You don’t have to be an expert in graphic design; our team of designers have put together hundreds of personalized poker processor, poker processor set and playing card templates! You may select any style and modify the writing, image or even publish your own picture or company logo. The best part about choosing personalized designs from our design collection is you can pick from several different designs of chips and modify the processor color all in less than 1 second!

Best On the internet poker Sites

Each a genuine income website is ranked out of 5, allowing you to easily make side-by-side evaluations, pick which to visit and then select the top sites offering the best poker on the internet overall gaming encounter.

Online On the internet poker Sites

Our unique opinions and video clips are said to be the best online poker network opinions available on the Daftar 88Bet web, breaking down medical and helping you pick which would suit you most. All of the scores, opinions and positions on this website are done by our professionals, and the best poker sites of 2017 for a genuine income detailed in each classification meet our tight set of activity requirements.

Finding the Best On the internet poker Experience

Is run by professionals with 20+ years of encounter, who focus on key requirements to examine and review the top poker sites in countries including North America, Sydney, the USA & the UK. People are always asking, “What is the best online poker site?” Just a few of the things that all of the best online poker sites are analysed on: free comes, competitions, sit and goes, ” rake “, ring / cash activities, traffic / popularity, first time down payment benefits, Mac interface, application, design, VIP program, benefits and customer support.

The actual wonderful activity. It’s even more wonderful when you listen to it with Complete Point. Sit down in the presence of the best, like Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em. Perform at super speed with Zoom capability, the quickest poker activity in the entire globe, or mix it up with one of our many other poker versions. Whatever way you like to try out, be like thousands of other poker players all over the entire globe and play harder with Complete Point.

Make Your Life Full of Fun with Online Casinos

Make Your Life Full of Fun with Online Casinos

Casino games have become most popular games for current generation. These casinos provide the various advantages to their players and you can find more fun in the games at the affordable prices. You can easily use this game in your mobile phone at make a bet at anywhere in the world. Mostly people are using their bonus code to enjoy the extra fun in casino. These codes come for various betting games. You can easily access it in your any kind of device.

Bonus code come at the affordable price so any one can easily purchase it just sitting at their homes. When you are using the bonus code then you must keep one thing in your mind is that always use the accurate code in your game. Bonus code comes at affordable price so you can easily enjoy the best options in your game. It is helpful in giving you extraordinary benefits like Bonus code can easily provide you extra spin in your game.

Best ways to deposit your money in the game

There are various ways provided by the online betting companies to the people. You can easily make a payment for bonus code by using these ways which are given below:

  • By using visa card

If you are making a bet on the games by using the bonus code than you can easily make your payment by your visa card.

  • Internet banking

You can easily make a payment for your bonus code by using internet banking in your mobile. It is the best way to transfers funds in your account without facing any kind of issue.

  • Master card

When you are making a bet in your casino game and you need to deposit your money in your account then you can easily transfers your money with the help of your master card.

These are some best methods for making a payment for your online betting games. Most of the people are habitual to play the online betting games because these games are helpful in making best profit just sitting at their home. If you want to increase your money in the Crazy Russian Slots then you should try the bonus code because it cans easily attach the best bonus offer in your game.

Involve in Knowing More About Gambling Games Available Online

Involve in Knowing More About Gambling Games Available Online

In the online world, there are diverse games, which prove to be effective. By playing numerous games, one can make their mind free. The games may provide you with the right intention in relieving down your stress. With the help of many games, you can judge your favorite game and make things alike. With the help of the right things, some may pretend to have the right innovation in making things alike.

In the daily life, people ought to face difficulties due to their work. By involving in the casino games, one can eagerly make things right. Apart from the normal ones, it is better to deal with the right trustful site. Many new technologies have been updated in the casino games. Animated games have a huge welcome in the minds of the people.

Even the old people ought to involve in the gambling games. Apart from the normal ones, the gambling game provides the people with more enjoyment. Even the doctors prefer the old people to have gaming occasionally. It helps them to be brisk for a prolonged period.

Though one has the right deeds to deal with, it has the opportunity to deal with the random things. There are many sorts of games available online which brings you the term of legacy in short. The people who wish to earn money can also involve in the gambling games.

The gambling game may provide you with the fun in enjoying things online. Among various games, the solitaire and the roulette occupy the hearts of various people. Other than the normal games, the betting games may provide you with the eager in retaining things alike. Apart from the normal ones, it is necessary to choose the right gambling games online.

With the amazing benefits of playing games, one should deal with the best things online. If one has the ability to deal with the right ones, one should focus in dealing with the right ones. Apart from the normal ones, it is beneficial to deal with the best possible sites online. The sites may provide you with the major things online.

The best part of the Judi Slot Online game involves in understanding the game to the topmost extent. There are many kinds of software involved in the casino games. It differs from the normal games as it increases the enthusiastic level of the people. If you wish to enjoy the right games online, then log in to the site mentioned in the article for further information.

Blackjack and Slot Games Give More Fun and Excitement

Blackjack and Slot Games Give More Fun and Excitement

Online gambling gives more fun but in order to make it profitable, you have to know some important things before start playing the games. First, you need to check the information offered by the site where you decided to begin gambling. There are so many gambling sources available online and that offers various casino and gambling games. In order to find the reliable site, you need to check the site reputation, experience, customer support, games, bonuses, and more. It is also very much important to choose a site that offers you more games.

Yes, some sites will provide you many popular games like Blackjack, Slot machines, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and more games. Well, this will help you play different games on a single site. Among the different casino games, Blackjack and slot games are widely played by many gamblers around the globe. This is because these two games offer more fun to the players and help them earn money that is more real. Yes, those who are interested in earning second income will play these games online during their free time. If you are also interested in playing these games then access the right source through online.

Things to consider when playing gambling online

Many people are amazed when they hear that they can from the comfort of their home. Yes, now it is possible with the help of the internet service. Of course, the internet is the best medium that offers everything to the people and in that way, it offers gambling games to the people. Well, the online mode of gambling is interesting to play and that gives more comfort to the players. If you are interested in playing judi online gambling games then you need to know guidelines of the best sites to enjoy the secured game play.

There are so many gambling sites available online and you need to choose the reliable site for enjoying the best gambling game play. It is also advised to choose a site that provides you bonuses and promotions. Well, the bonuses and promotions are offered by the site in order to sustain the existing players and get many new players. To know more about promotions access the right source through online. You will get to know about bonuses and rewards offered by the gaming site through online.

Novice Players Have Huge Benefits With Online Casino Games

Novice Players Have Huge Benefits With Online Casino Games

With an increasing popularity of playing online casino games on the internet, more people have become an aware of the benefits of playing online casino games. When you look deeply into these things, you can get to know the importance of playing online casino games. Try to find these many things before you hit any online gambling sites.

As there are many online casino games, their main motive is to offer the feel of playing all types of games on a single click. Actually, this is only possible with the online casino games. Most of the players would like to play the casino games by looking into the importance and the rewards offered by the certain site. In earlier days, people tend to follow some rules and regulations and by that, they can start playing the games. They supposed to follow each rule and regulations; else, they not subjected to play such game. This means, in earlier days people playing these games as most difficult one.

Nevertheless, when the people hit they can undeniably find playing such games as easy one. They do not want to wait for a while to play besides they need to choose the game and win the jackpot by playing. People can also find many mobile bill casino games, so it is possible to play mobile now and by that, they can simply enjoy of playing the games.

While playing the online casino games, the players have to follow some rules as in playing conventional casino games. First thing is that the player wants to choose the right site to play the games. As there are many online casino sites, the players should identify the site based on their wish on playing such games. After finding the right site, the player should create an account on certain site to confirm their presence on such site.

Once the player created an account on the Togel Online site, they can easily get to know about the offers and bonuses for a particular account. If you are novice players, there is a possibility of acquiring many bonus offers. This is mainly because most of the novice players feeling frightened to play the online casino games. In order to get rid of their fear of playing casino games, the novice players can enjoy playing these games with many offers. So that, the players can experience in playing many games.

Play Online Poker for Real Money

Play Online Poker for Real Money

Play Online Poker for Real Money

The first online poker room was established in as late as 1998, under the name Planet Poker, and it soon submerged into mediocrity, not being able to cope with the increasingly aggressive competition from other online poker companies.

The early history of the world’s most popular online card game, had its fair share of unpleasant incidents as well. Poker Spot, established in 2000, by a successful poker player, soon ran into credit card issues and went under in September of the same year. Most poker companies, however, became successful, and starting 2004, riding a newfound popularity fueled by live TV coverage of the WPT and WSOP, they exploded onto the internet in a never-before seen, almost hysterical boom.

That’s right, there are presently more online poker rooms than online casinos on the internet and their ranks are boosted on an almost daily basis. The unprecedented number on different online companies venturing into the world of online poker has sparked a fierce competition, and a marketing-war which can only be likened to the Cold War arms race.

The scale of this new kind of confrontation is nothing short of global, and the weapons used are Signup bonuses, Loyalty bonuses, out-of-this-world promotions, freerolls and bunch of other such freebies, meant to draw the player to the room and away from the opposition.

In this new type of world, online poker has created, players are confronted with issues that were nowhere in sight in 1998: which of these rooms is trustworthy, which of them offers the best bonuses, and the best financial security?

This is where I could help you. Before you do anything else towards becoming an online poker player, you should read this article. It’ll help you make heads and tails of this new incredibly complicated environment that online poker has become. No, I’m not going to tell you which online poker room you should go to (well, I’ll do that too, but in a different section) but I’ll give you a few pointers on things to look for, when you consider signing up.

First of all, you need to make sure you’re not trapped by some incredibly advantageous incentive into a one-month scam operation. Yes, there have been such operations around in the past and nothing’s going to guarantee there won’t be any more in the future. Whenever you think you found a poker room that you may like, start reading. The internet is full of review sites and online gambling forums, places where you can learn about the chosen room directly from its users.

If all feedback on a room is positive, and on top of that, it’s been around for years, chances are, it’s a completely fair operation. Next thing to check, is their gambling/gaming license. All online poker rooms are issued a license by an authority, a license which is basically a guarantee by a third party that the games you play inside are not rigged or set to short end the players.

This authority conducts regular audits on the software the poker room uses, in order to make sure the customers are protected from fraud.

The bonuses Indo88 offered are rather essential too (after all it’s real money we’re talking about here), so the more generous they are, the better off you’ll be. One important thing regarding these (signup or any other type) bonuses: never think of them as money ripe for the picking… there is no exception to the fact that you need to work (in this case, play) in order to ‘redeem’ your bonus.

Many poker rooms use some kind of “poker points” system. Based on the revenue you generate for the room through the rake you pay when playing, you’ll be awarded such points.

Different rooms have different policies in regards to these points however there will always be a direct proportionality between these points and the amount of bonus released. (e.g. You get $1 of bonus released for every 10 poker points you generate) The better the bonus release scheme is, again, the better off you are. There’s no use taking up on a fabulous offer which is impossible to release…

Last but certainly not least, there’s the issue of financial security. You want to make sure the money you deposit is in safe hands right? Check the FAQ or Security section of the poker site for information on the encryption they use for money transfers. The regular stuff won’t do. Look for industrial security packages, the type banks use for their online money transfers.

Remember, when it comes to the protection of your money, being just fair will never do. Demand the best.

Oh, and before I forget: learn to play poker…

New York Casino Review and Bonuses

New York Casino Review and Bonuses

New York Casino Review and Bonuses

Coupons/Email Specials/Loyalty Rewards Program

The sigh up bonus at New York Casino is almost too easy to use! It’s automatic! After you download the free software, go to the banking section and make your first deposit. Just be sure that you deposit enough to take full advantage of the sign up bonus because it can only be used one time. ($100 deposit + $100 deposit =$200 total). Take full advantage of what New York Casino has to offer and look at the Promotions page and pick a promo that suits you best. They have “Daily Deals” that cover each day of the week. They offer you promos for games played as well as giveaways and competitions (to many to list here so take a look for more details) They also have a monthly bonus listed on the promotion page as well ( Every Tuesday in November a player who deposits $25 or more get a chance at a bonus of $5 – $500. Click here for more details). As we have said before be patient and wait untill the day or time is best for you to take full advantage of the promos, they can make all the difference. Also, don’t forget to watch your emails for valuable bonus as well.

The Loyalty Rewards program at New York is pretty basic, every $10 you bet = 1 comp. point. 95 Comp points =$1. For what the New York Casino lacks in a comp. program they seem to make up with their bonus offers.


The “Banking Section” at New York Casino is average. They accept all forms of payment and offer a 5 % bonus for payment by Neteller. If you use a Credit Card take note that you have to register the card by clinking on the icon at the bottom left part of the screen, it can be kind of hard to find as it blends in well. As always we strongly suggest that before you make a deposit, take a look through the promotion page and your emails to see what New York Casino is offering for a bonus!

Customer Service

The customer service at New York Casino seems to be on par with most others They offer a 24/7 support system by toll free phone and email. You shouldn’t have any troubles getting support if needed.


This is one area New York Casinomay have to improve on because at the time of this review the link to the “Fair Gaming” section was down. They say they have the “best online odds” but un till it is printed we are not able to increase the rating. (ps: we have found an old report in our files that show the “overall payout percentage for July 2002 was 97.19%”)

Overall Quality of Games/Graphics

New York Casino’s graphics are so clean and crisp you shouldn’t have any problem really getting into the games! The Audio feature seems to be a step ahead of the rest. You can tell New York Casino has put alot of thought into this feature! With 49 games to chose from New York Casino should be able to appease even the most critical player. The Caribbean Stud Poker (progressive as well!) is fantastic to play. With a minimum of $1.00 you may just be able to play for days. They offer a decent selection of slots to choose from including progressive as well as bonus screens. The Video Poker section is also well done and offers a progressive game as well. Over all we are very happy with our number two pick, but we would like to see them add in some nickel slots! If you like New York Casino you may want to give USA Casino a try as well!

32Red Casino Review and Bonuses

32Red Casino Review and Bonuses

32Red Casino Review and Bonuses

Players at 32Red Casino can enjoy industry-leading fast payouts, as it is the only online gaming site to partner with Barclaycard Merchant Services. Players can also play safe in the knowledge that the 32Red Online Casino is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar, and its payouts are reviewed every month by Independent Auditors to guarantee fair play for all of our players.

As the winner of the Casinomeister Casino of the Year award since 2003, 32Red has always gone the extra mile to give its players the best gaming experience available online. Where 32Red Online Casino really stands head and shoulders above other online casinos is in the level of service players can expect when visiting the Casino. Available 24/7, 365 days of the year, our in-house Player Support Team are knowledge, efficient and friendly, and regarded as the best in the business. Players can also expect personal service from 32Red’s Operations Director, Pat Harrison, and CEO Ed Ware.

Welcome Bonuses

100% Welcome Bonus for new players – up to £100 FREE!


Current promotions at 32Red Online Casino include a 100% Welcome Bonus for new players, a Monthly Match Bonus every month for regular players, Red Ruby reward points for every player. the exclusive players’ lounge Club Rouge for invited players, plus regular promotions, competitions and giveaways. All promotions List


The 32Red Online Casino credentials speak for themselves – players can choose from over 200 casino games, at either the Download or Instant Play Casino powered by the award-winning, industry-leading software provider Microgaming, while enjoying the voice of glamorous actress Patsy Kensit as she deals the cards and calls the numbers at the Casino.


English, Français, 日本語


32Red Online Casino Players Support Team is on standby to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can use it by Live chat, email, telephone or mail. More details in the website

Deposit Methods

32 Red processes their credit card transactions through Barclays in the UK. More payment methods: NEteller, debit cards, UKash, wire transfer, ePassporte

Withdrawal Methods

Credit & Debit Cards, NETeller, EcoCard, Cheque

Webmasters is 32Red Casino affiliate program. Awarded Best Online Casino 2007 for an unprecedented fifth consecutive year – and earn 40% commission (valid from the 1st of March until the 31st of June) on your referred 32Red Casino Players, 30% for 32Red Mobile and 35% for Dash Casino players.

Everest Poker Review

Everest Poker Review

LuckyAce Poker Review

Everest Poker is currently a part of the iPoker tier 1 sites, which are called iPoker 2. Being a part of the iPoker Network is a great move for Everest, as this simply means better game play, promotions, and much, much more. A key part of Everest’s success has to do with their strong tournament schedule, impressive rewards program, and of course the different cash games that are available for all different levels of players also. No Limit Hold’em is definitely the most popular game on the site, and you can find good traffic across the tables up to the $5/$10 limits. They do a great job of quite a few different things at Everest Poker, and we are going to look at the site as a whole right now.

Bonuses and Promotions

Players who are new to Everest Poker are going to get a different type of bonus than many online poker sites are going to award players with. No matter what level of deposit that they make, anyone who is new will receive 200% deposit bonus up to $2000 when they sign up with Everest Poker. Players are also going to get an entry into a freeroll at the site as well, which is a $1,000 new depositor freeroll. The best part of the bonus that you are awarded is that you can cash it out pretty easily after just a bit of play, and bonus money is going to get sent into your account as you earn frequent player points over time.

The promotions at the Everest Poker site are through the Summit club, and it means that players are going to earn points over time. The points that the players earn depend on the amount of rake that you collect per each hand. Players are able to earn even more than the standard rate if they play at the shorthanded poker tables, which is definitely something worth noting from the site. The promotional aspect of the Summit Club has different tiers so that players are going to be able to increase the points that you earn, and the points can be exchanged for cash and many other things.

Tournament Play and Competition

The tournament part of Everest Poker has gone through major improvements in recent years. While they used to be a standard poker slot site in terms of tournament play, they’ve jumped things up to the point where they have multiple tournaments running per hour. By multiple, we mean about 10-12 each hour during those peak times. The guarantees that come along with the tournaments are very nice also including a $5,000 guaranteed tournament with just an $11 buy-in, as well as a $3,000 guarantee that has a $20 buy-in with it. These are some strong options for the guarantees, and there are typically only around 300-400 players or so in the tournaments giving you a great chance to make a deep run. The biggest and best of the tournaments though falls on Sunday in the $100k guarantee.

Not all players at Everest Poker can be considered fish, especially since this is considered a go to site for European players. There’s about a solid split of the players in terms of those who are strong players, and those who are looking to gamble and are considered to be “calling stations”. Looking for the looser tables can be a great thing to do so that you can wait for the big hands and take advantage of the players who are looking to play any two cards during play. The tournaments can be a great way to make some money as well against some average to below average players, since the lower stakes tournaments are going to draw in the players who are looking to mix it up more often early during the tournaments.

Software and Customer Service

The software at Everest Poker has always been strong and it’s been a bit of a selling point for the site, but it’s been improved recently as well. You’ll find that the game speed is fairly strong, and that you are going to be able to see a good number of hands per hour which is very important to many players. You can also have access to your hand history to go back and review your play and the hands that you’ve taken part in also. The table graphics, color scheme, and everything else relating to the in-game play is strong also, as there are some great themes that players can choose from. You can even change the chairs and look of the table itself while you play. You can really control and modify anything on the table while you play, and even change the language that the chat is in as well if you’d like to.

While the customer service team at Everest Poker is good with their responses, and you can email their support team in a total of 16 different languages, one downfall is that they only offer email support currently. This means that the popular options of live chat and toll-free telephone that other sites offer is not an option here, so that can be a bit frustrating from time to time if you need an instant response.

Ring Games and Tournaments

Everest Poker keeps it straight forward and focuses on making sure that they offer great games and that they focus on what the bulk of players are looking for. This means that they offer both Hold’em and Omaha games at a wide range of different limits. The minimum blinds for Limit play is going to be $0.02/$0.04, and No Limit is going to be $0.02/$0.02, while the max games offered will be $50/$100 for Limit and $50/$50 for No Limit. The games run consistently and you can almost always find action at the cash game tables at Everest. For the tournaments, we recently spoke about the large number of tournaments that are running, but the best part is the range that they fall under as both small stakes and high stakes players will be satisfied here.

Bet365 Poker Review

Bet365 Poker Review

Bet365 Poker Review

Bet365 poker makes sure to allow all types of players to have a place to play the game they love, as they feature players from all different skill levels, as well as different stakes of players (low stakes grinders, high stakes, and middle of the road). Regardless of who you are or what type of poker that you play, there is probably the option to play the game that you enjoy at the limits you like, as Bet365 features quite a few different games on their poker site. We’ll cover all of these games that are offered, but also take a more in-depth look at Bet365 poker as a whole. They are currently a part of the iPoker network, and they offer many different things in terms of tournaments and leaderboards go, but also have a great VIP program that caters to players as well.

Bonuses and Promotions

For any new poker player to the Bet365 poker room, you are going to be awarded with a 200% match bonus on your initial deposit of up to $1000. This is a great way to fund your poker account and can keep you in the action for a long time to help you avoid any of those swings that you could run into. They also offer players a great friend referral bonus as well to get their friends over to the site, and this is going to give you a $50 bonus directly into your poker account simply for getting your friends to join up. There are a few terms and conditions attached with this bonus though.

For other promotions, one of the best of the best has to be the VIP program that is going to award players points during their play through real money cash games and different poker tournaments regardless of whether or not they win. Players are able to take the points and exchange them for tournament entries, cash bonuses, or many other options as well. There are four different levels of VIP rewards at Bet365, so the more that you play the more you can earn. It will go from the bronze to the platinum levels, so as you work your way up you’ll get more and more perks.

Tournament Play and Competition

At any online poker site out there you’ll find that the most popular type of tournament is likely the guaranteed tournaments that run. At Bet365 they have different guaranteed events that run throughout the day, and there are also going to be chances for players to win their way into big time poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour through Bet365 as well. Also, they give away different prize packages to some big tournaments like the World Series, as well as the Aussie Millions and a few other ones as well. Freerolls aren’t always offered at Bet365, but they will run some to give players the chance to win their way into major tournaments with no charge at all.

Many people will talk about the competition through online poker sites indomaxbet and break down exactly that the high stakes are where the toughest action is at. For Bet365 this is definitely true, but the most important thing to note here is that the lower limits games are definitely beatable. Players are going to try to mix it up pretty often, and as far as the tournaments go you’ll find that the weaker players are going to be sent out of the tournament before the cash pretty often. You should definitely still make sure that you are taking notes on the players at the tables that you are up against to maximize your chances to make a profit at the table. Using color markers is a great way of ranking players by their skill as well.

Software and Customer Service

Through Bet365 they offer both a downloadable option for their online poker room as well as a flash mode as well. The iPoker software that is available through Bet365 is strong, and it offers many things that you may not find at other online poker sites. A few examples of these things are going to include all-in odds, raked hands, and other statistics all through the lobby of the poker room. You can easily keep track of where you stand with your poker bonus as well to make your life easier also. Individual stats are available at each table also, and so is the option to change the size of the table that you are playing at through a few different options.

Customer service is big in the online poker world as it’s always important to make sure that your questions can be answered promptly and that you aren’t left waiting to get word back. While Bet365 offers the standard email option, they also offer the much more popular live chat and toll-free telephone option as well for players. Customer service reps through Bet365 are available to help you out 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as well. If you have a quick question you can also check out the FAQ area on their site to get any standard questions answered without having to chat with someone.

Ring Games and Tournaments

We covered a good number of the different types of tournaments that are offered through Bet365, as well as the ways that you can make it into big time poker series’ also. For the different games that are offered at Bet365, you’ll find that the popular options such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha are definitely included, but that the site is also going to feature games like Omaha Hi/Lo, both 5 and 7 card stud, Big 2, 13 card stud, Super Big 2, and Fight the Landlord. Some of these games are obviously a bit more off the wall, but check them out to see what it’s all about.

PokerStars Review

PokerStars Review

PokerStars Review

PokerStars is considered by most to be the best of the best in the online poker world. They got huge back in 2003/2004 when they saw Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer take down the World Series of Poker Main Event. The site just continued to grow from there and they began added featured professional players. Back in 2007 they had made the rise to the largest online poker room in the game, and at that time they were allowed United States players. After Black Friday hit though, Stars did end up losing all United States players, but they recently have made some major strides and continued to build back up their traffic. Their recent purchase of Full Tilt Poker is one to watch as well, as the site just continues to build their own traffic and remain as a constant juggernaut.

Bonuses and Promotions

The site features massive guaranteed tournaments, constantly running cash games, and much, much more. For players starting at a new account at PokerStars, you are going to receive a bonus of 100% on up to $600. The play through requirements that come along with PokerStars are very nice as well as they don’t make it too tough for you to earn your bonus. They give you a good amount of time to clear the bonus as well (typically around 6 months) so you won’t have to stress too much about clearing the bonus. Before doing anything with your bonus though be sure to read the terms and conditions just so that you fully understand everything about it!

As far as the promotions go at PokerStars, you are going to find that they run a few different things throughout the months. Probably the biggest and best of the promotions at PokerStars though has to be the WCOOP, or the World Championship of Online Poker. This is an annual tournament series that features a massive number of prizes, and guaranteed tournament money for the series. It is typically somewhere around $10 million for the series, and is broken down among many different tournaments, and styles of tournaments as well. They also have their Frequent Player Point promotion which runs year round, and can give you points to earn towards tournaments, satellites, freerolls, and also to buy things from the PokerStars store.

Tournament Play and Competition

PokerStars has quite a few reasons why players love their site, but the tournament play is one of the biggest. This site is one of the best out there for tournament players, mainly because there are tournaments galore throughout the day each day of the week it seems. Not only are there big tournaments, small tournaments, and single table tournaments, but there are also some great satellites to some of the biggest and best tournaments out there. They have weekly guarantees that range up to a million dollars or even more for some events. As far as the standard poker tournaments go, you are going to find some great tournaments with buy-in’s between $10 and $50 running daily and the tournaments can draw in a good number of players and some big prize pools as well. There are different styles of tournaments as well, and you can search through the lobby to find the tournaments that best fit your style of play.

For players who are fans of playing in sit-n-go’s and smaller tournaments, PokerStars makes sure to cater to this type of player as well. All sit-n-go’s fill up very quickly as well so you are going to get stuck sitting and waiting for the tables to fill up before you play. The sit-n-go tournaments are going to range quite a bit in buy-in, but if you are a high stakes player there are even games running for your level of play as well.

Many people feel that the players at PokerStars are simply going to better than the rest. There are some very good players on the site, but the most important thing is that the play is just tighter by many players. I wouldn’t necessarily call the players better than the rest of the site, but the best way to put it is simply tighter. Players are still going to be calling stations at the lower limits and can be a bit crazy. The most important thing is to take notes on the players and you’ll be able to get a feel for the rest of the table and how those specific players play. You can check out the stats at specific tables before you play as well, which can help you note things such as how many hands per hour are being seen.

Software and Customer Service

To say that PokerStars excels in the software department would be an understatement. They say that they have the best software out there, and it’s a true statement. It’s not a massive step ahead of all of the other sites, but their software does have many things that players seem to love. You can do the standard online poker options like resizing, tiling, stacking and all of that with your poker tables, but you can also put whatever picture you’d like as your avatar which is a nice touch. There are a ton of different graphics for players to choose from to make their table look however they’d like. The hand history at PokerStars is excellent as well, and it’s very easy to use, and you can see all of the hole cards at the table, which helps you get a feel for your opponents’ play and also the types of strategy that they use as well. The speed of play is fast and things run well there, so you won’t get stuck sitting and waiting on hands.

While the customer service at PokerStars is strong, they do only offer the option for email responses. Their responses are prompt and they do a great job of handling your issues through email, but most people prefer to be able to contact someone through the customer service team through an instant option such as live chat or telephone, which PokerStars does not offer currently.

Ring Games and Tournaments

We’ve covered a good amount about the many tournaments that are offered through PokerStars, and the ranges are going to be wide for all level of players. They make sure to cater to both small stakes and high stakes players in terms of tournament action. For cash game players you can find different games on top of the popular Hold’em and Omaha options, such as Stud, HORSE, and Draw games. All of these games do get some traffic as well, so if you are a fan of these games then PokerStars can be a great option for you. The limits for Limit games are 2c/4c through $100/$200, and for No Limit games it is 1c/2c through $100/$200.