Everest Poker Review

Everest Poker Review

Everest Poker is currently a part of the iPoker tier 1 sites, which are called iPoker 2. Being a part of the iPoker Network is a great move for Everest, as this simply means better game play, promotions, and much, much more. A key part of Everest’s success has to do with their strong tournament schedule, impressive rewards program, and of course the different cash games that are available for all different levels of players also. No Limit Hold’em is definitely the most popular game on the site, and you can find good traffic across the tables up to the $5/$10 limits. They do a great job of quite a few different things at Everest Poker, and we are going to look at the site as a whole right now.

Bonuses and Promotions

Players who are new to Everest Poker are going to get a different type of bonus than many online poker sites are going to award players with. No matter what level of deposit that they make, anyone who is new will receive 200% deposit bonus up to $2000 when they sign up with Everest Poker. Players are also going to get an entry into a freeroll at the site as well, which is a $1,000 new depositor freeroll. The best part of the bonus that you are awarded is that you can cash it out pretty easily after just a bit of play, and bonus money is going to get sent into your account as you earn frequent player points over time.

The promotions at the Everest Poker site are through the Summit club, and it means that players are going to earn points over time. The points that the players earn depend on the amount of rake that you collect per each hand. Players are able to earn even more than the standard rate if they play at the shorthanded poker tables, which is definitely something worth noting from the site. The promotional aspect of the Summit Club has different tiers so that players are going to be able to increase the points that you earn, and the points can be exchanged for cash and many other things.

Tournament Play and Competition

The tournament part of Everest Poker has gone through major improvements in recent years. While they used to be a standard poker site in terms of tournament play, they’ve jumped things up to the point where they have multiple tournaments running per hour. By multiple, we mean about 10-12 each hour during those peak times. The guarantees that come along with the tournaments are very nice also including a $5,000 guaranteed tournament with just an $11 buy-in, as well as a $3,000 guarantee that has a $20 buy-in with it. These are some strong options for the guarantees, and there are typically only around 300-400 players or so in the tournaments giving you a great chance to make a deep run. The biggest and best of the tournaments though falls on Sunday in the $100k guarantee.

Not all players at Everest Poker can be considered fish, especially since this is considered a go to site for European players. There’s about a solid split of the players in terms of those who are strong players, and those who are looking to gamble and are considered to be “calling stations”. Looking for the looser tables can be a great thing to do so that you can wait for the big hands and take advantage of the players who are looking to play any two cards during play. The tournaments can be a great way to make some money as well against some average to below average players, since the lower stakes tournaments are going to draw in the players who are looking to mix it up more often early during the tournaments.

Software and Customer Service

The software at Everest Poker has always been strong and it’s been a bit of a selling point for the site, but it’s been improved recently as well. You’ll find that the game speed is fairly strong, and that you are going to be able to see a good number of hands per hour which is very important to many players. You can also have access to your hand history to go back and review your play and the hands that you’ve taken part in also. The table graphics, color scheme, and everything else relating to the in-game play is strong also, as there are some great themes that players can choose from. You can even change the chairs and look of the table itself while you play. You can really control and modify anything on the table while you play, and even change the language that the chat is in as well if you’d like to.

While the customer service team at Everest Poker is good with their responses, and you can email their support team in a total of 16 different languages, one downfall is that they only offer email support currently. This means that the popular options of live chat and toll-free telephone that other sites offer is not an option here, so that can be a bit frustrating from time to time if you need an instant response.

Ring Games and Tournaments

Everest Poker keeps it straight forward and focuses on making sure that they offer great games and that they focus on what the bulk of players are looking for. This means that they offer both Hold’em and Omaha games at a wide range of different limits. The minimum blinds for Limit play is going to be $0.02/$0.04, and No Limit is going to be $0.02/$0.02, while the max games offered will be $50/$100 for Limit and $50/$50 for No Limit. The games run consistently and you can almost always find action at the cash game tables at Everest. For the tournaments, we recently spoke about the large number of tournaments that are running, but the best part is the range that they fall under as both small stakes and high stakes players will be satisfied here.

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