LuckyAce Poker Review

LuckyAce Poker Review

Lucky Ace Poker is rapidly growing towards becoming one of the more popular and more talked about online poker sites out there today. While they are currently a part of the 888 network, which features some strong online poker room options, Lucky Ace is definitely one of the top choices. While there are quite a few reasons why players tend to go towards Lucky Ace for their poker action is due to the fact that they are known for having some very easy competition throughout both the tournaments and cash games. They also accept action from many different countries, but they currently do not accept United States players. They have software which features 3-D avatars as well, and have many different translations for players from all around the world.

Bonuses and Promotions

All new players who head to Lucky Ace and start up their account are going to be rewarded with a 100% match on up to $400. You are also going to find that things are done just a bit differently at Lucky Ace, as they allow the money to be released into your account right when you deposit, and 25% of the first deposit up to $100 will be sent into your account right off the bat. The rest of the bonus that you have is going to end up being pending, and you are going to need to get 14 player points for every $1 in bonus money to be awarded into your account. The bonus does expire 30 days after the initial deposit though, so players are going to have to play consistently to clear out the bonus and get it all into their account.

As far as the promotions that are offered through Lucky Ace, their comp points are a nice start as they have a program that rewards players who consistently play at their site. These comp points can be used for many different things. They also run quite a few other promotions throughout the year relating to different tournaments and cash game play, so be sure to keep your eye out for these things.

Tournament Play and Competition

Lucky Ace Poker offers quite a few different types of tournaments, but their main tournaments are really going to cater to the small stakes poker players out there these days. They are very easy and run often as well. There aren’t going to be very many large buy-in events, but you’ll find that if you do play in the high stakes events the competition will jump up a good bit in these. It seems that in the guaranteed tournaments on Lucky Ace Poker that there is often overlays from the numbers not being hit, so these can be great options for you to aim for when playing. A fan favorite in terms of the tournaments out there has to be the $88+$8 tournament with a very nice guaranteed. There are also many sit-n-go’s offered and many of them are between 3 and 6 handed typically.

We touched on the competition a bit above, and if you are a small stakes player who likes to grind out the low limit cash games or tournaments, then this is definitely the site for you. The games are definitely not very tough, mainly because the players like to mix it up a lot and aren’t worried about playing tight and waiting to find their best spots to play hands. We also talked about the fact that once you get to the higher stakes that the competition definitely ramps up, and this is 100% true, as the best players on the site seem to be playing the higher stakes. Taking notes on players is still very important as you’ll find that not every player at the lower limits can be considered a fish.

Software and Customer Service

The best part of the software at Lucky Ace Poker is that they feature 3-D graphics that players seem to really enjoy. While the 3-D poker software has become a more popular option as time goes on, the software at Lucky Ace Poker always runs quickly as well. The color scheme is very nice, and while there had been issues in the past with disconnections, this no longer is the case. The in-game software as far as the table goes is easy to use as well and it gives players the opportunity to be able to mess with the table to make it look and feel however they want. Last but not least though is the lobby, which is nice looking and easy to navigate.

Lucky Ace Poker covers the big three in the online poker world for customer support. They not only offer the email support option, but also have a live chat option, and a phone support option that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These are just a combination of the top options for customer service. They do get to your responses quickly, but from time to time it can take a bit to get a full answer from the site.

Ring Games and Tournaments

Lucky Ace not only offers the popular games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, but they also feature additional games such as Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. They limits for fixed games are anywhere from 2c/4c to $75/$150, and for the No Limit and Pot Limit games they will go anywhere from 1c/2c up to $10/$20. There are both single table and multi-table tournaments running, and the limits can really range anywhere from 1c up to $750 between the two different types.

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