PKR Poker Review

PKR Poker Review

PKR Poker has taken the idea of online poker to a different level, and they simply just do things differently than most sites do. Their entire thought process behind their site is to advance the way that players play the game, and change the visual experience that players have when playing the game. They offer 3-D software which is a huge difference from a standard online poker site, as players are able to actually create themselves at a poker table online. You get to not only choose the clothes that your player is wearing, but also your facial structure, hair style, and many other things relating to your avatar. Players have the option to control their players’ actions also, by making the player cry over a bad beat, clap, or attempt to get your opponents to call your bet.

The biggest thing that players have said about PKR is that while the game play is incredibly in-depth and a nice change of pace, multi-tabling is a completely different story. It’s not very user-friendly for multi-tablers, which is something that some players aren’t big on. They want to create the best experience for online poker players that they possibly can, which is what they’ve done with their layout. PKR Poker currently does not accept United States players though, so note this before attempting to get an account.

Bonuses and Promotions

New players at PKR Poker are able to be awards with three selected bonuses. That’s right you can Pick Your Bonus.

They are also going to award players some different reload bonuses over time as well to keep them in the action. The bonuses are awarded over time as you earn your PKR Points by playing in cash games and tournaments. The amount of points that you will earn is going to depend on the rake that is taken on each hand that you play. The max number of PKR Points in one single hand is 300, which means that there would be $3.00 in rake taken from the table. To earn $1 of the bonus players will need to earn 225 PKR Points.

As a new player at PKR you are also going to get an entry into the $1,000 freeroll, 1,500 PKR Points to start off with, and 6 free tickets into different freerolls throughout the site as well. The Club PKR system is their promo system and it is going to allow players to earn more points as they work their way up through the different tiers. The best part of this system is that after you reach a certain tier level, you can’t be downgraded from that level depending on your play.

Tournament Play and Competition

To be honest, when PKR began, they didn’t have a very wide range of tournament options and it definitely wasn’t overly impressive. Since that point though they have really upped their game and currently offer many different tournaments each hour with guaranteed tournaments being found throughout the day also. You aren’t going to find any massive guarantees or huge tournament fields, but these tournaments are great for players who just want to play for a few hours, but can’t be in a tournament for hours and hours on end.

As far as the tournaments that are offered though, the best one probably has to be the $12,500 guaranteed event at 19:30 each evening. There is also a nightly $10,000 guaranteed tournament at 20:00, and this is called a Double Chance tournament. This is a specific tournament style that you won’t find on most sites, and it allows players to divide up their chip stacks for multiple chances to win, or they can use their entire stack on any hand. Sunday’s feature a few big tournaments though, such as the $50k guarantee with just a $65 buy-in. The final Saturday of the month you can play in the $100k guarantee that has a $250 buy-in.

It seems that the players at PKR Poker are pretty loose and play a wide range of hands. A reason for this may have something to do with the fact that players typically play one table at a time, but personally I find that there is so much to do at the tables that it’s easy to still play your game. If you are playing at the lower limits you are likely to go up against players who play a wide range of hands and like to mix it up in pots. The pots can still get very big in the No Limit games, even in the smaller games, because of how much players like to gamble.

Software and Customer Service

Software at PKR is HUGE. We’ve talked about the fact that they feature their impressive 3-D software, which has gotten rave reviews from players. This is a key reason why PKR Poker is considered a top option in the poker industry. To say that they get five stars for their software is an understatement, because this is one of the coolest sites’ software on the internet. The biggest thing is that there are many things to do during playing at a table that you don’t find yourself being very bored at the tables at all.

We touched on the software a bit already, but being above to completely change your avatar’s structure and such is incredibly impressive, and you can also add jewelry and other accessories too. The cameras are moveable with different modes available. My personal favorite part of the software is that you can make your player act out and do different things depending on what happens at the table. I’m very impressed at the fact that PKR Poker has focused so much on their software and making sure that everything runs well and looks well also. The graphics are over the top nice, and the lobby is easy to get through as well.

While PKR does not offer a telephone support option, they still offer two key ways to contact a representative if you have any questions or concerns. The first of which is their email support, which is solid, but the live chat option is definitely the go to. They respond quickly through live chat and it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as well. There isn’t a very long wait time with the live chat option, and you are going to find yourself satisfied with the quick response.

Ring Games and Tournaments

We touched on the fact that PKR Poker offers some different tournaments throughout the day, as well as some solid guaranteed tournaments daily. Probably a fan favorite in terms of tournaments has the be the weekend tournaments, and specifically Sundays. For cash games they offer Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo as well. There are games running consistently, and the limits are going to range from 1c/2c to $100/$200 in Limit games, and 1c/2c to $5/$10 in the No Limit games throughout their site.

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